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Do you have a question about our products, or a more general question about DSP, metering, or digital audio? We’d love to talk with you, so send us a note:

Having A Problem?

If you have any problems with our products,

  1. First, download and install the latest build; see Installers below! Also, install License Central (below) if you don’t already have it on your machine. It will help you stay up to date.
  2. If the current installer doesn’t solve your problem, next scroll down to the Troubleshooting section and follow that process.
  3. Third - If you’re still in need, take a look below at our FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions. If your issue is not addressed there, let us know your concerns or what’s needed with as much detail as possible. Include your OS type and version, DAW and version, plus basic information about your host computer including CPU type, amount of RAM, and any unusual peripherals or cards installed. Then, describe the problem so that we can attempt to recreate it! Send that to:

Note that, when you e-mail us with an inquiry, you are agreeing to receive communications from MAAT via e-mail. Learn more


Want to get started troubleshooting a problem on your own? Most problems are license—related and can be fixed by License Central. Launch License Central, which is installed with all MAAT products, and select your product from the list at left. Right–click on the highlighted entry and select Clear Cached Files from the contextual menu. Then, try to create and activate an instance.

Clearing the cache should fix any licensing problems. If that’s not fixing your particular problem, run the following utility we’ve also included, and send us the ZIP file that’s created, along with your Product Key:

Your Product Key was e–mailed to you when you purchased your product. Make a “safety” copy or backup of your Product Key(s) by opening a new TextEdit file. Then copy and paste or carefully type in your Product Keys. Save it away on a USB flash drive with a meaningful file name like “MAAT Product Keys.txt” or something similar. Don’t forget to label the flash drive! We also suggest you print out a paper copy of your Product Keys in case the USB flash drive is lost or damaged.

Installers & Demo Downloads

Below are links to ZIP files for all of our products. If you don’t own a license, these installers will provide a 14 day trial license.

User Manuals

Below are links to PDFs for all our products…

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions


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