DRMeter MkII
DROffline MkII
2BC multiCORR

MAAT digital

Sound…Simply Better


The only digital implementation of Roger Schult/German Audio Lab’s Phase Shifter W2324 pure analog hardware.

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A universal L/R plus MONO/DIFF monitor control and Balance/Correlation metering plug-in for stereo bus masters.

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MAAT digital - thEQ Family


Linear phase without compromise.

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MAAT digital - DR Family

DRMeter MkII

MAAT’s DRMeter MkII is the first Loudness meter that combines high accuracy R128 and A/85 conformance with elements expressly for music production.

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DROffline MkII

MAAT’s DROffline MkII is the batch measurement companion application to our official DRMeter MkII realtime DR estimator plug-in.

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MAAT’s DRMeter is the realtime DR estimation companion plug-in to our official DROffline batch measurement utility.

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MAAT’s DROffline is the batch measurement companion application to our official DRMeter realtime DR estimator plug-in.

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Three good reasons…First off, we’re a small company with deep roots. Second, we are unequivocal in our search for quality. Third; we only do audio.


Deep roots…Between the four of us, we have a century and and a half of pro and CE audio experience. We’ve worked for the Big Boys, including Sony and Universal, Sennheiser and Lexicon, Apple and Studer, as well as small mom and pop outfits, labels and artists who are just as dedicated to quality product as we are.


Speaking of quality, we’ve all spent our careers working for and with the top echelon of manufacturers and engineering compatriots. Quality isn’t simply a marketing slogan around here, it’s what we strive for every day. More importantly, we have the knowledge and experience to pull it off.


We mentioned that we only do audio. That’s an understatement. We live, breath and eat audio. O.K., maybe not that last one but in between sips of imperial IPA or amaro, we really can’t shut up about audio. Music is our life, and we hope yours too. Please join us in our pursuit of the ultimate in fidelity and performance.

Love from our customers.

Reaching over 20,000 engineers worldwide

Michael Romanowski

proprietor of Coast Mastering &
co–conspiritor of The Tape Project

Andy Rogulich

High Fidelity Mastering, Mix Magazine’s World Class Studio of 2017


from our customers

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MAAT has an ever expanding collection of content for your dancing and entertainment pleasure. From RSPhaseShifter hacks to metering basics with 2BusController, we’ve got short and informative clips that will make for more interesting engineering.

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