thEQorange — Supreme Remedial Linear Phase Equalizer

Linear Phase Without Compromise



When purity is paramount.
A remedial linear phase EQ with unparalleled clarity. For mastering ears, and other discerning engineers.

• thEQorange Perpetual License: $589
• thEQlp Linear Phase Subscription: $119 Annual Renewal

[thEQorange + thEQred: $9.92 per month billed annually]
• All EQ Big Bundle: $1099, $557 Total Savings
[25% Off thEQblue12, thEQred, thEQorange + free SantaCruzEQ12]

A Dream Come True

Many mastering engineers, including MAAT founder Friedemann Tischmeyer, were fans of Algorithmix’s legendary original Linear Phase PEQ Orange. Unfortunately, the Algorithmix EQs were available only as 32 bit VSTs for PC and our workstations and our industry has evolved since then. Tischmeyer’s students repeatedly asked for alternatives, which caused him to scan the market for other high class EQs. Colleague Bob Katz recommended EQuilibrium, an insanely versatile tool, which Tischmeyer used for teaching. However, he could not find a satisfying alternative which would take the place of his original PEQ Orange.

The idea was born to reissue this masterpiece and make it available as 64 bit in all common formats and for macOS. An agreement with Algorithmix was made, and MAAT started up in mid–2017. Algorithmix fans heard of that and reached out to us, saying “…just redo it as it is; no extras, no nothing. We just want to have it back in 64 bit and for Mac.” That was encouraging. As a power user, Tischmeyer had some other ideas in mind regarding the UI. He wanted to make it more flexible and faster to use because there is no other tool in the mastering chain an engineer spends so much setup time with. The result? “I think we have achieved that. The UI allows super fast setup and has a number of unique features which help to do so: The positive & negative Contribution function including absolute difference, the adjustable sonogram which makes detecting energy spots you want to clean up easy, and the possibility to play a note on the piano you have in your head and just push the respective frequency to the active band section with one right click are just a few of the new features. What I like too is that I have an overview of all Sections as opposed to just one Section at a time.” In order to not end up with a strange Section order when using many filters, we also added the SORT button so your Sections are always in ascending order.

Unobtrusive Power

thEQorange’s powerful features hide behind its clean and simple UI. Eye candy is great for newbies, but thEQo isn’t typical. It packs all the advanced features you need into one resizable window that’s easy on the eyes. Not only does the UI “get out of the way” so you can be more productive, we’ve incorporated industry–first features that speed your workflow, neatly packaged to make thEQorange easy and intuitive to use. An example is the ability to freely assign Sections to either stereo [left/right] or sum/difference [L+R/L-R] at the same time.

Subtle Functionality

We’ve brought pristine fidelity and innovative user interface design to what used to be an unremarkable product category. With four monitoring modes, an ergonomic and uncluttered interface, intelligent monitor auto–gain plus crazy good sound, you’ve got to try thEQorange for yourself.


Better By Design

Whether you’re looking for surgically precise repair, colorless correction, or simply baggage–free spectral contouring, our proprietary, precision algorithm delivers on the promise of linear phase correction. For clean up and control duties, bring the power and purity of thEQorange to bear for all your surgical equalizing tasks.

thEQorange sounds more natural, organic and open. Listen for the difference, it just sounds correct.


  • Exclusive Contribution Control™ — positive addition only, negative addition only, EQ contribution only, and “normal” EQ out helps to aurally keep track of your progress
  • Proprietary algorithms result in extremely low noise and vanishingly small nonlinear distortion
  • Unique EQ design results in no perceptible unwanted coloration with mixes (processing artifacts well below -100 dBFS) — work with clarity, transparency, and definition
  • Equal delay at all frequencies regardless of filter settings, perfectly preserving the time relationship of harmonics in the original signal
  • Operates at up to 384 kHz sampling rate, suitable for high resolution audio (HRA), DSD or DXD production and post
  • Extended resonant or center frequencies up to 174.14 kHz, for processing in ultrasonic and near ultrasonic for all HRA production and post
  • Exceptionally transparent ELF response, perfect for DC removal
  • 12 sections with 5 freely assignable parametric filter types; bell, low shelf, high shelf, low cut, and high cut
  • 5 freely assignable Panorama modes; stereo, mono (sum), L-R (difference), left–only and right–only
  • 80 bit internals (long double floats) virtually eliminate rounding errors
  • Adjustable Q for bell and high/low pass filters make musical adjustments easy
  • Adjustable slope for shelving filters improve precision in the pass and stopbands
  • Double the stopband attenuation (ripple) compared to other filter implementations
  • Additional low and high pass filters can be overlapped to achieve steep “brickwall” slopes
  • Special oversampling for reduced aliasing when working with baseband (44.1 & 48 kHz) sample rates
  • No coloration or amplitude bumps even at very low frequencies
  • Optional inbuilt tone generator makes for quick location of trouble spots
  • SORT function organizes active Sections in ascending order
  • TUNE function aligns center frequencies to Western tunings
  • Sections have Solo and FLIP to quickly find and address trouble spots
  • Grid snap toggles between surgical and musical applications, emulating popular hardware resonant frequency choices, including Maselec and Manley
  • True Peak metering to avoid overs
  • AutoGain for effortless A/B comparisons
  • Resizable frequency response display for easy, high precision adjustments


  • Exclusive dual view, monochrome/color real time spectrogram with user adjustable temporal wiper lets you choose “when” to transition to low clutter monochrome
  • Choice of parametric editing via numerical fields or directly on the graphical display
  • Complete setup exchange across multiple instances
thEQorange is a highly specialized tool for mastering engineers who have access to diverse high end EQs for different tasks. There are very few forward/backward linear phase EQs on the market and thEQorange, with its wide, 80 bit double precision processing and optimized–for–fidelity algorithm, will bring a new sense of transparency to your work.
With all the features and functionality of Algorithmix’s beloved original LP PEQ Orange, the feature–packed thEQorange brings so much more. Use its powerful processing and double precision I/O for:
  • Mastering and remastering tasks on complex, high fidelity mixes
  • Equalizing of instrumental group stereo sub–mixes
  • Clarifying the midband and rescuing dense mixes
  • Addressing resonances and peaky instruments without tonal degradation
  • Tight, transparent low shelf and presence boosts
  • Removing unwanted ultrasonic content from HRA recordings
  • Identifying resonances with ease when sweeping, due to the low inherent ringing
  • Putting mixes with too much DC or a super fat kick on a diet
  • Tightening up loose or crowded mixes
All true linear phase EQs have similar specs. Dirac spikes and other artificial test signals will produce about the same results regardless of whose product you try. A solo chime or kick drum track is also not what thEQorange was designed for…It excels at equalizing actual music!
What not to use thEQorange for is tracking or mixing! thEQorange is a low channel count plug–in, designed for the master buss and mastering. Due to the insane complexity of the algorithm, thEQorange has a high CPU demand. It is not a “light weight”!
thEQorange fits in with all modern workflows:
  • Supports LPCM sample rates up to 384k for DSD and high–end postproduction
  • All standard formats: AU, VST 2 and 3, AAX
  • Compatible with macOS and Windows
  • Low fatigue visual design
  • Resizable user interface for every screen resolution

My Go To

Tischmeyer says: “The Algorithmix Orange was an essential part of my chain for more than 15 years. It was my ‘to go’ tool when I needed to remove annoying frequencies and resonances or when the midrange was simply cluttered by too many events with too much energy. The same applies to our thEQorange. The magic of thEQo is that I can remove frequencies without having the feel that I have applied a drastic EQ. I simply don’t hear the EQ. The result sounds natural, and suddenly the stereo image opens up — not as a side effect of the EQ but rather more as a result of creating space so that everything falls into the right place instead of fighting against each other. Furthermore, I use it as my preferred low cut to go. Yes, despite it is being a linear phase EQ. Most mastering engineers would not do that because of the fear of pre–ringing artifacts. For me, it is always a question of trade offs when it comes to the choice of a proper low cut in mastering. A minimal phase (IIR or Infinite Impulse Response) EQ comes with a high risk of destroying the master in the time domain due to its phase behavior. This can create a kind of transient smearing because different frequency components of the same transient event do not appear at the same time any longer (known as Group Delay). This could be a very tiny delay but enough to create an unnatural sense which is why I tend to avoid minimal phase EQs for low cutting. Also, a first order 6 dB per octave low cut is no alternative because it just does an inefficient job. On the other hand, a linear phase equalizer comes with the risk of smearing the transient with pre-ringing. However, with reasonable settings of the low cut, like a Q of 0.78 at 25 Hz, the ringing is so irrelevant and unnoticeable that I achieve a far tighter and apparently time correct result. This is why we say that thEQorange has no smearing effect on transients, if it is applied with real world, sensible settings so that pre-ringing is kept to a minimum.
In many cases, when I compensate for too much low end in a mix, the kick suddenly goes from distracting low end artifacts to appearing more punchy and sometimes seeming to have more bass which is not logical but subjectively so since there’s less clutter. I can just explain it another way: It seems like more bass because the bass has a legitimate ‘pocket.’ It also translates better on the monitor system because it is delivered as a correct, time–aligned pulse together with the high frequency components.”

If One is Good & Two is Better…

People have asked us why we haven’t included alternative modes like minimal phase and all the other options you find in competing products. That’s what thEQblue is for, a whole box of “colors”! As a mastering engineer, you need specialized tools which do a particular job in the fastest and best possible manner.
thEQorange is a perfect example of just such a tool. It offers everything you need to remove DC contamination, declutter a messed up mix, and compensate for some “interesting” production choices in the low end. We mastering engineers certainly receive such challenges more often as we would want. To arrive quickly at an optimal solution, we intentionally didn’t include parameter settings that are more hindrance than helpful. An example is the lack of choice between the whole range of windowing options like triangular, Blackman or Hamming, because it simply won’t improve your deliverable. Including tweaky options won’t give you better results.
thEQorange was tuned by Dr.s Musialik and Hatje, who have already worked through an extensive refinement process. When asked about this, Musialik stated that “…the optimization and refinement of our algorithms was a very long, tedious and iterative procedure between research, development and feedback from experienced mastering engineers. Unfortunately, in high res audio, not everything is measurable or provable by numbers. This is especially true for the measurement of dynamic behavior and reactions to real–world, complex signals.” Musialik emphasizes that “There is no ‘best’ audio tool for everybody.” His advice: Perform your own listening tests, then select which additions you want to include in your kit.

Vive La Différence

What are the differences between thEQorange and thEQred? We recommend thEQo for “surgical” work, mostly negative gain EQs to address issues in a mix during mastering when material needs to be “fixed” because it has a problem. On the other hand, thEQred is best at aesthetic work, artistic equalization that makes material sound better without affecting the time domain. As with thEQorange and both being linear phase, thEQred doesn’t leave a signature on the sound the way thEQblue does. Because it’s minimum phase not linear phase, thEQblue is for when you would reach for an analog EQ, but with ultimate fidelity that can’t be achieved with analog. So, the three of them together replace all EQ use cases, unless you want distortion, and thEQblue with its 12 Architectures replaces all analog–style EQs one might want.
thEQred also has VariSlope, something we think is unique in the industry. So, in keeping with that aesthetically minded approach, with thEQred, you can do really broad or really gentle lifts or suppression, as well as all the normal stuff you’d expect from a conventional fixed–order parametric equalizer.
If you can afford only one of our thEQ products, it’s probably best to go with thEQblue. Its versatility is unsurpassed. If, however, you work with a fair amount of acoustically recorded performances and higher fidelity recordings, then over time you will find both thEQorange and thEQred indispensable. Specifically for that, we have the annual Linear Phase subscription, which includes both thEQred and thEQorange.

Learn More

This video from Friedemann provides an overview of thEQorange

Watch it directly on YouTube

Here’s another from Friedemann, explaining what are the differences between our three mastering equalizers

Watch it directly on YouTube

thEQorange 是最乾淨的 Linear Phase EQ (中文呈現)

直接在 YouTube 上觀看。

Download — thEQorange User Manual

The user manual PDF includes mucho useful info, check it out…

Reviews & Testimonials

Bob Katz — Digital Domain reviewing in Resolution Magazine

Listening and Use Tests
…I’ve measured the MAAT HP (high pass) slope as 24dB/octave at Q 0.72, and there’s zero ripple in the passband, a sign of good, clean coding. This steep slope is extremely effective at reducing mud yet staying below the fundamentals of bass and bass drum.
I had always avoided using steep high pass filters in LP because of my experience with less well-specified Linear Phase plug-ins, which performed poorly at low frequencies. I decided to try high pass in LP again with thEQorange EQ. In a rock mix with muddy, heavy bass and bass drum, an MP (minimum phase) equaliser’s steep high pass sounded incoherent, but with the MAAT, the bass instrument retained impressive body and punch. I was so astonished that I had to confirm the two equalisers had identical frequency response — yes, all the audible problems were due to time domain anomalies. Now I’m going to try LP during more projects.
Linear Phase Royalty
thEQorange EQ is a premium EQ, with a premium price and premium features, sounding transparent, solid, and clean to me. Years ago, the Algorithmix EQs were king of the Linear Phase Equalisers — nothing available at the time could touch them — but today there are alternative LP EQ plug-ins available…(That said) I haven’t found any other LP equalisers of similar quality, and I’d certainly be happy to use thEQorange in my processing chain.

PROS: Very clean, pure and transparent. Natural-sounding. High frequency boosts without image flattening. Very “tight” high pass filter. Precise filter shapes.
CONS: Expensive. No A/B comparison, this will be added in a future revision. Possible pre-echo artefacts.”
(Note that A/B comparison was added in version 2, and all artifacts are well below -120dBFS)

Garrett Haines — Treelady Studios reviewing in TapeOp Magazine

“Although I'm not a fan of linear phase EQ, I found thEQorange to be smooth and natural sounding…In carving out lo mids, I was reminded of respected solid-state mastering EQs – surgical without being brittle…this thing is a beast in the lower realms.
For mastering, mixing, and restoration work, thEQorange is a formidable tool. As someone who seems to cut more than I boost, I'm enamored with the sound and power of this title. To my ears, thEQorange sounds sweeter than many of competing plug-in EQs, making it a tool I can rely on day-in/day-out.”

Thomas “Plec” Johansson — The Panic Room

“PEQ Orange has been an indispensable tool in our mastering studio since the day we got it back in the day under the Algorithmix brand. It was the best sounding surgical EQ on the market but with the worst GUI and usability. I’m so happy to see MAAT taking this to the next level, not only updating the GUI to modern standards but adding an entire new tool set on top which makes it not only the best sounding EQ out there but also the most usable.”

Eric Zolber, double Grammy Award–winning engineer & producer

“MAAT’s equalizers have become my ‘secret weapons’ for mixing and mastering. thEQorange is precise and surgical. It is beyond transparent because it seems to make things sound better just by turning it on. It’s now part of my mastering chain.
thEQblue offers a bit more juju, with 12 different EQ types. The addition of FiDef to thEQblue is a “better-maker” button that can add that something extra to the music.
Along with the DR II meter, I use these every day. Once I started, I couldn’t live without them.”

Larry Burger — sound design educator and engineer

“At the highest resolution with DXD sessions, I can run one instance using Pyramix native, release 11.1.6…In CPU Saver mode and at the lowest quality, I am getting around ten thEQ instances. thEQorange at the lowest quality is superior to ANY other plugin we have tested and we just went through most of the major plugs.”

Audrius Lelkaitis — audio journalist

“I am very impressed with thEQorange. It is very intuitive and easy to work with. The quality of sound is unsurpassed.”

Alex Picciafuochi — Alex Picciafuochi Mixing & Mastering

“This is one of those very rare products that, when compared to most of the more famous competition, leaves you amazed by its extraordinary audio quality and sonorous precision.”

Jaime Cavazos — multi–Grammy award winning owner of 0VU Mastering

“thEQo es muy transparente y está en una liga aparte. Como usuario de los Algorithmix originales, la nueva interfase es muy intuitiva y versátil, aparte de trabajar en la mayoría de las plataformas y DAWs. thEQorange es una herramienta invaluable en mi cadena de Mastering.
thEQo is very transparent and it's in a league of its own. As a user of the original Algorithmix, the new interface is very intuitive and versatile, apart from working on the majority of platforms and DAWs. thEQorange is an invaluable tool in my Mastering chain.”

Dale Becker — Becker Mastering

“I am killing it with this EQ! Thank you. My super picky clients are really digging the top end. Awesome stuff!”

Pedro Chamorra — composer, music producer and mixer

I've tried thEQorange in two projects now and all I can say; I'm floored with it. I'm having a hard time processing this, I'm actually liking these digital EQs more than analog, which is a first for me. I don't think I ever understood what “clean EQ” was and what it can do, until now.

Athanasius Ditsias — Chief Mastering Engineer at Digisound Studios

“The EQorange far surpasses any other plug–in, including Equilibrium or my original battle horse, PLPar. End of story. The musical information passing the filters is way more transparent, far more analog sounding, less fatiguing and almost identical to the Weiss. thEQorange will definitely be THE EQ for the next ten years. Waiting hopefully for thEQblue, red, the compressor/limiter, reNOVAtor, Denoiser and Declicker!”

Thomas Meitz — Editing Department Head at Vienna Symphonic Library GmbH

“Zuerst muss mal gesagt werden, dass thEQorange wirklich einfach Spaß macht!
Ich habe bereits einige Projekte damit bearbeitet und es ist wirklich einfach zum richtigen Ergebnis zu kommen!
Einerseits weil der EQ so schön „nichtfärbt“, andererseits sind die Zusatzfeatures ausgezeichnete Hilfsmittel.
Die Bearbeitung im Bassbereich ent-mumpft grandios und ein High-Shelf im Differenzsignal macht schön breit ohne irgendwie scharf zu werden!
Nach anfänglicher Skepsis: Ich liebe das Spektrogramm!
Die Solofunktion der Gain-Änderungen finde ich super, muss damit aber noch warm werden.
Snap-Funktion bei Rechtsklick auf die Pianoroll ist sehr praktisch.
Sort-Funktion = Spitzenmäßig!
Ich finde das GUI super aufgeräumt, beschriftet wo notwendig und intuitiv!
Skalieren ist super und zeitgemäß – ich kenne allerdings kein Plugin das IMMER gleich gut aussieht – das geht wahrscheinlich nicht…

In Summe: Ich gratuliere zu einem hervorragenden EQ!

“First of all, it has to be said that thEQorange is really fun!
I've already done some projects on it and it's really easy to get the right results!
On the one hand, the EQ is nicely neutral and does not “color,” on the other, the additional features are excellent tools.
The editing in the bass range de-clutters terrific and a high-shelf on the difference signal makes beautiful wide without any kind of sharpness!
After initial skepticism: I love the spectrogram!
I think the solo feature of the monitor section with positive and negative gain changes is great, but I still need to get used to it.
Snap function on right-click on the piano roll is very convenient.
Sort function = Tops!
I think the GUI is super clean, labeled where necessary and intuitive!
Scaling is great and up to date - but I do not know a plug–in that ALWAYS looks the same - that probably will not work…

In summary: I congratulate you on an excellent EQ!

Andrea Zanini — CEO & Chief Mastering Engineer at Owl Mastering

“Some digital plug–ins deliver precision, while others deliver musicality. thEQorange is definitely a juicy tool, squeezing both qualities in a single, exquisite piece of audio engineering.”

Thom Wettstein — Mondstein Records

“I have tried thEQorange in every mastering. Sometimes it fits, sometimes not.
I like the features of re-ordering the bands and listening just to the cuts or boosts. It’s easy to find the sweet spot. I like the Interface a lot. It's comfortable to work with. The strength of this plug–in, in my opinion, is the de-masking of the mid frequencies. It’s very transparent.”

Patrik Schwitter — organ builder, musician, educator, award–winning mastering engineer

“It just sounds fantastic or, to be more clear, it does not have any sound (i.e. colouration) at all! I'm totally convinced of this orange beauty. :) ”

Eddie Grey - engineer & Logic Pro maven

Here’s a video overview of our thEQ family with audio examples.

Martin Adrian — musician, DJ, producer

“…thEQorange is really something. (A Monster!!) A monster because it is so refined and clean (plus) so many convenient features…”

Tomi Kuusisto, Audio Chef Mastering (EMI Finland, Warner Music)

“The search for the ultimate EQ is finally over. I have to say that you really nailed it with thEQorange!
It is more than an awesome tool for mastering as well as for mixing. I have tried all the mainstream pro plugin EQs out there but thEQorange is something unique; transparent and very musical…The show is not over until the thEQorange sings!”

Олег Ершов (Oleg “Yorshoff” Yershov) — engineer & journalist

“This thEQo is simply insane! I’m shocked how good it is…(my) overall impression is just WOW!”

Oleg released a video overview and review of thEQorange. His conclusion, “It amazes with the functionality and sound quality of its algorithms…Comparing thEQorange with other equalizers, using it for solving various problems during mixing and mastering, I continue to (think) this equalizer is really the king among digital equalizers.”
Смотрите это здесь: Отзыв Олега, на русском языке…

He also wrote a piece on thEQorange for the Russian edition of FutureMusic. In it, he states that, “Again, if the original PEQ Orange stood out from the competition mainly due to its technical characteristics (first of all, its (sound) quality)…Friedemann and his colleagues at MAAT were able to make thEQorange a user-friendly device, be it a home musician or a professional mastering engineer of world class - high demands and expectations…
Having spent enough time with thEQorange, I really enjoyed this (plug–in) - it works easily, quickly and with pleasure. Is it worth the money? I think that everyone should answer this question on their own but I, in turn, do not plan to abandon this plug-in and continue with great pleasure to use it in my mixes.

Прочитайте это здесь: Полный обзор PDF, на русском языке

Benoît Piccand — studio head & faculty lecturer at Bern University of the Arts

“After the first few days of experimenting with thEQorange: I am really thrilled; on the one hand by the tonal results, but also by the interface: simple, extremely pragmatic and equipped with maximally useful functions. Unique and very beneficial!
I'm curious to see and hear what the other family members (blue and red) have to offer.”

G.R. Neidinger — engineer & musician

“Regarding thEQorange, I am pleased with it, it is extremely effective and efficient at what it does and it instantly and recognizably improved my work, it has already won me a handful of compliments from my regular clients.
As with acoustic guitar recordings, low mid resonances are often a challenge with mandolin recordings. Given my experience so far with thEQorange's superior performance in the context of mixing and mastering live recordings of string quartets and big bands (and on improving vocals recorded by artists outside of studios), I expect thEQorange will again be superior in dealing with these issues.
…while it does excel at removing resonances, for me it is also becoming an EQ of first call for low shelf boosts and presence boosts. In direct comparison to thEQorange, many other highly regarded EQ plugins very quickly become blurry and scratchy sounding.
thEQorange has become absolutely vital to me, by the way, in both the production phase and the finishing phase. The power to edit frequencies with such imperceptible side effects is addictive.”

Praise for the original Algorithmix LinearPhase PEQ Orange

thEQorange is a modern restoration of the original Linear Phase PEQ Orange from Algorithmix. Thanks to improvements in technology since the PEQ Orange was released, our new version exceeds the already legendary fidelity of the original. Plus, we’ve added key new tech to the User Experience (UX) to make your time with thEQorange easier and more pleasurable.

Sakis Anastopoulos — Digisound Mastering

“I must tell you that I am absolutely ecstatic with the results that I have been achieving with the linear phase EQs…Both Red and Orange EQs have absolutely replaced every other EQ that I own and have given me the ability and freedom to perform challenging frequency adjustment tasks in every project that I master no matter how challenging or what genre it is…Their ability to resolve with accuracy, clarity and musicality, frequency ranges in complex music passages is astonishing, allowing the mastering engineer to focus on the project and forget the artifacts that are usually associated with this kind of processors.”

Stefan Lindstrom — Swedish Sound Reference AB

“Having the ($6k) hardware Weiss Linear Phase EQ1-MK2 as the reference, I've never expected to hear any other product, especially a software PlugIn, playing in the same league, but the LinearPhase PEQ Orange became to be an indispensable complement tool in our mastering suite.”

Bob Katz — Digital Domain

“…the Algorithmix Red and Orange Linear Phase equalizers are must haves.”

Alan Silverman, Arf! Digital

“…as the final touch-up EQ…the sound is fantastic!”

T-Dogg on our Dr. Christoph’s chops

“The real gurus in the field…Dr. Christoph Musialik, etc. have far surpassed these textbook algorithms…Simply put, genius–level R&D and know–how is priceless.” We concur and know that you will too!

Engineers & Reviewers! Want to add your voiceover to the mix?

Head to our Contact page and give a shout…We’d love to hear what you think!

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Looking for the latest version of your software? Just download and install the demo! The installer will update everything and your license will take over when you next use the product.


• Download the user manual for thEQorange here

• Listen for yourself to some thEQorange samples by downloading this (62 MB) ZIP file. It contains four samples, corrected for equal loudness. Besides an unprocessed original version, you will find a file with only thEQorange processing and no other changes. Also included is a screenshot displaying all setup parameters, along with a thEQo preset file.
Important! Consider that the sample files were created from a mastering engineer’s perspective, where a number of specialized tools and EQs would be applied one after the other, somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle being fitted together. Applying thEQorange would only be first in a series of subsequent steps.
A typical approach is to first remove resonances and clutter without degrading the audio quality, in this case utilizing thEQorange. Subsequently, other equally specialized tools would be applied downstream for additional subjective improvements. We would recommend thEQblue to fill in additional warmth, and employ thEQred for high frequencies correction and added “air.” In other words, these audio file examples address only the first step in a chain of tools, rather than an un–mastered/mastered A/B example. These thEQorange examples are aimed at decluttering the mix to get the audio ready for subsequent treatment.


  • Fully parametric linear phase EQ
  • Free of group delay
  • Exclusive Contribution Control
  • Optional live spectrogram
  • AutoGain for effortless A/B comparisons
  • Variable resonant ƒ tunings for common Western scales
  • Inbuilt tone generator for quick spectral navigation


  • AAX Native (Pro Tools 10.3.10 and newer), AU, VST 2, VST 3
  • Sample rates from 44.1 to 384 kHz
  • pluginval_logo  Verified by pluginval, passing with a score of 10 (the highest strictness level)


VST PlugIn Interface Technology by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH


  • Perpetual: One–Time Buyout
  • Subscription: Annual


  • macOS 10.9 and newer, 64 bit only
  • Windows 7 and newer, 32 & 64 bit
  • OpenGL 3.2 or newer

Order thEQorange Now

• thEQorange Perpetual License: $589
• thEQlp Linear Phase Subscription: $119, Annual Renewal

[thEQorange + thEQred, $9.92 per month billed annually]
• All EQ Big Bundle: $1099, $557 Total Savings
[25% Off thEQblue12, thEQred, thEQorange + free SantaCruzEQ12]