Hardware License Containers

Portable licenses…any time, anywhere.


Wibu CmStick/B Miniature Dongle

The best license storage solution…set your licenses free.

Price: $49; includes $50 MAAT voucher

Fast, Practical & Versatile

Clad in a sleek, stainless steel skin, MAAT’s CmStick from Wibu Systems provides portability, convenience and flexibility in how and where you deploy your licenses. The all metal case prevents unforeseen damage that could slow you down, and it’s so small it won’t weigh down your already overloaded key chain.

Our dongles work with all Wibu licenses that use the current generation of CmStick, and are required for MAAT’s thEQ series of matchless, ultra–resolution equalizers.

Maximize Uptime

When your host computer goes down, your soft/host–based license usually goes with it. That means one more recovery task; working with our Support department to recreate or restore your license.

Why not keep your licenses on a safe and secure CmStick instead? Our MAAT dongles will have you back up and running in far less time…Think of it as a very low cost insurance policy. Isn’t your time worth it?

An Extra Incentive

Sweetening the deal to move you toward hardware license storage, every MAAT dongle ships with a US$50 voucher for use on our e–commerce site. So, improve your business agility, and painlessly move up to the best way to store your licenses: a MAAT CmStick!

Own a Wibu Dongle?

If you already own an existing CmStick, you may be able to use it for your copy of thEQ. To check, simply plug in your dongle, then open CodeMeter Control Center and look for the serial number of that dongle. If the serial number begins with a “3” then a dash, you have up–to–date hardware. If not, you would need to purchase a current CmStick. Buy buttons are at the top and bottom of this page.

Dongle questions? Send us a note, and we’ll help you figure it all out.


The MAAT CmStick sets your licenses free. Free to take them anywhere, anytime.

Light Weight

MAAT’s CmStick is tiny and tough. It gets out of your way when you don’t need it.


The 3–Series CmStick works with all MAAT licenses plus most 3rd party Wibu licenses.

Low Cost

Our dongle is basically free! We include a $50 MAAT voucher to offset the cost, so grab yours today!

Moving Your License

After purchasing your new hardware license container, you most likely will want to move your license(s) off of your current host and onto your new dongle. The first step is moving your license(s) into the cloud. Once it’s “parked” in the cloud, you can move it back onto your hardware container.
License transfer or “re–hosting” is very similar to the activation process…

Follow These Steps

  1. First, open your MAAT product, or an instance of your MAAT plug–in…
  2. Next, navigate to the back panel of your MAAT product by clicking on the MAAT logo on the front panel.
  3. Click “Activate/Deactivate License.” Older products may only say “Activate License.” In this case, click on that instead.
  4. Enter your Product Key and click “Activate Online”.
  5. Click on the “Re-host Licenses” button. If multiple license entries are displayed, make sure the correct or desired license is selected.
  6. Click “Deactivate Selected Licenses Now.” The license is now dormant, and is available to be moved to a new host or dongle.

Your license is now “parked” in the cloud, and can be moved to another CodeMeter “CmContainer” such as your dongle. Take a look at the Restoring Your MAAT License PDF, which shows you how to move your parked license onto your dongle.

Stay Current

Looking for the latest version? Just download and install the demo! The installer will update everything and your license will take over when you next use the product.

Speeds & Feeds

Features & Specifications


macOS 10.8 and newer / Windows 7 and newer, 32 & 64 bit


All MAAT products

Other products supporting 3-Series CmStick/B

MAAT 3-Series CmStick/B Dongle

Price: $49; includes $50 MAAT voucher