3rd Party Hardware License Containers

Portable licenses for your other software…any time, anywhere.


Wibu CmStick/B Miniature USB Dongle

The best license storage solution for 3rd party software.

Price: $59; includes $30 MAAT voucher
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No Dongle Required

Here at MAAT, we’ve moved to a cloud–based licensing framework. What that means for you is; no dongle required for any of our software products. However, our CmSticks are still the best way to license other products that require a Wibu dongle.

Fast, Practical & Versatile

Clad in a sleek, stainless steel skin, MAAT’s CmStick from Wibu-Systems provides portability, convenience and flexibility in how and where you deploy your licenses. The tough, all metal case prevents unforeseen damage that could slow you down, and it’s so small (half the length of a 3rd generation iLok) it won’t weigh down your already overloaded dongle lanyard.

Our dongles work with all Wibu licenses that use the current generation of CmStick. This includes:

  • licenses from 10bit FX Limited (NOTCH.ONE VFX)
  • licenses from BaseHead (sound effects/SFX search engine)
  • licenses from CODESYS (PLC automation management)
  • licenses from disguise (VFX collaboration & workflow)
  • licenses from LightAct (media server)
  • licenses from MAGIX (Sequoia and Samplitude DAWs)
  • licenses from Vengeance Sound (synths/samples/EFX)

Maximize Uptime

When your host computer goes down, your soft or host–based license usually goes with it. That means yet one more recovery task; working with Support departments to recreate or restore your licenses.

Why not keep your licenses on a safe and secure CmStick instead? Our 3-Series CmSticks will have you back up and running in far less time…Think of it as a very low cost insurance policy. Isn’t your time worth it?

Why Wait?

We maintain stock in North America, so we can get you your ’Stick as quickly as you like. Typically, a CmStick order goes out First Class Mail via the US Postal Service. USPS shipping and tracking are included in the price. Expedited and overseas shipping is also available, just ask!

NOTE: As noted above, MAAT’s CmSticks ship from the United States. For shipments outside of the continental U.S. and Canada, the buyer must pay for shipping and insurance.

An Extra Incentive

Sweetening the deal to move you toward hardware license storage, every MAAT dongle ships with a US$30 rebate voucher for use on our e–store. The rebate applies to any software product of ours with a price tag greater that $30. So, improve your business agility, and painlessly move up to the best way to store your licenses: a MAAT CmStick!

Dongle questions? Send us a note, and we’ll help you figure it all out.


The MAAT CmStick sets your licenses free. Free to take them anywhere, anytime.

Light Weight

MAAT’s CmStick is tiny and tough. It’s out of your way even when plugged in, and won’t break off if bumped.


The 3–Series CmStick works with most 3rd party Wibu licenses, including MAGIX.

Low Cost

Our dongle won’t empty your wallet! We include a $30 MAAT voucher to offset the cost, so grab yours today!

Speeds & Feeds

Downloads & Specifications

Stay Current

Looking for the latest version of your software? Just download and install the demo! The installer will update everything and your license will take over when you next use the product.


macOS 10.8 and newer / Windows 7 and newer, 32 & 64 bit


Products that support 3-Series CmStick/B (check with your software vendor)

Wibu-Systems 3-Series CmStick/B USB Dongle

Price: $59; includes $30 MAAT voucher
Out Of Stock

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