Copy Protection

Copy Protection

Preserving Your Investment

Yes, we all know that copy protection is a pain in the butt for everyone, for both you and us as well.
Before we made a final decision on our copy protection system, we have carefully researched the market to offer you the most secure and flexible solution. We found that in Wibu-Systems.

For all of our products under a certain price threshold, you have the option to choose either host–based soft licensing via a resident license file, or dongle–based licensing. Both options give you the freedom to carry the tools with you, to an outside gig or to your home.

While our CodeMeter CmStick dongles are portable and the easiest to use, our soft licensing option also provides portability. You simply need to retain your purchase ticket, and can “give back” the license to the license depot in order to “park it” in the cloud. You must do that from the host system where your products are installed, by using the link in conjunction with the ticket which were both supplied in your purchase confirmation. Afterwards, you can license our products temporarily or long term on any other host computer system.

Floating Server Licenses:

If you have a bigger studio complex and your DAWs are connected through a server, we can offer floating server licenses on request. If you have e.g. 10 studios but you need not more than 5 licenses at any given time, you can have all of our tools on all systems and the server would monitor the used instances. Please ask for details.

Why Copy Protection Is Important For You:

Good copy protection gives you two major advantageous:

  1. Your investment is protected. We offer high performance, high value products with extraordinary audio quality based on decades of research. Our thEQ family is an example. By investing in these products, you acquire an advantage that your competitor doesn’t possess. Having weak copy protection empowers pirates to undermine your competitive advantage. For this reason, we make sure that just our customers have access to our tools. That’s also why our higher end products are dongle–only.
  2. Your investment is maintained. In order to maintain a high quality DSP company, we need to pay high end, world leading DSP specialists. Pretty quickly, this leads to a six-figure burn rate! Our personnel are not only the backbone of our company, they’re the financial backbone of their families. Fraud kills jobs and communities in the creative digital world, and by using the best available copy protection, we’ll have the capacity to maintain your investment so it will continue to pay you back for decades to come.