FiDef JENtwo Version 2 Released

Dsp Plugin Universal binary 2 Hra Psychoacoustic Subconscious Subliminal Effects

MAAT Bows Apple Silicon Version of Breakout FiDef Hit

Company announces the release of their third generation FiDef JENtwo professional audio software. The new product brings speed and stability improvements to the newest generation of ARM and Intel computers and professional DAWs.

Developed in close collaboration with FideliQuest Incorporated, FiDef JENtwo is a 64 bit audio DSP plug–in that generates a unique, subaudible psychoacoustic addition to any audio content, including speech, music and effects. FiDef JENtwo enhances and elevates, without altering 1770 Loudness or power spectrum, by acting directly on the listener’s subconscious. FiDef JENtwo’s minimalist user interface belies the underlying complexity. That intricacy is now more streamlined and optimized for both macOS and Windows computers, thanks to the new dictates of ARM optimization for Apple Silicon.

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