FiDef JENtwo Released

Dsp Plugin Universal binary 2 Hra Psychoacoustic Subconscious Subliminal Effects

MAAT Debuts Targeted Subliminal Audio Processor

Company announces the introduction of their second generation FiDef JENtwo professional audio software. The new product is the culmination of a seven–year journey to bring a fundamentally new and novel tool for audio enhancement to wider audiences.

In close collaboration with FideliQuest Incorporated, FiDef JENtwo is a 64 bit audio plug–in that provides a unique psychoacoustic addition to any audio content, including speech, music and effects. FiDef JENtwo enhances and elevates, without altering 1770 Loudness or power spectrum, by acting directly on the listener’s subconscious. Grounded firmly in experimentation and analysis, FiDef® technology can increase definition and detail, soundstage width and depth and, most importantly, the emotional engagement of the listener.

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