thEQblue V3 Released

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MAAT Gets Rad With FiDef

Company announces the addition of FiDef® to benchmark minimum phase EQ

MAAT Incorporated, a manufacturer of exceptional performance professional audio solutions, today announced the release of thEQblue version 3.0, a cross–platform plug–in for correction and aesthetic equalization of digital audio. The new version includes a world’s first, the addition of the exclusive FiDef® digital audio process.

Available for select workstation platforms, thEQblue v3 builds on the proven foundation of MAAT’s celebrated original, while bringing a new layer of subtle refinement to the already reference quality minimum phase equalizer. FiDef is a proprietary psychoacoustic process, developed in cooperation with neuroscientists and DSP experts, that activates a receptive listener subconscious. It makes digital audio content more compelling and brings audiences closer to the emotion of the music.

For a complete PDF version, click here.