thEQred Released

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MAAT Completes Trilogy with New LP EQ

Company announces release of exclusive signature linear phase digital EQ plug–in

MAAT Incorporated, a manufacturer of exceptional performance professional audio solutions, today announced the release of thEQred, a cross platform plug–in for equalization and enhancement of digital audio. The new product bookends the release of MAAT’s first member of their thEQ family, thEQorange.

Available for both Windows and macOS, the new thEQred transforms Algorithmix’s much heralded Linear Phase PEQ Red’s reference quality into a contemporary, cross–platform product. thEQred digital audio equalizer fulfills the promise of extraordinary smoothness through frequency–based equalization with VariSlope™ technology, proprietary to thEQred. With VariSlope, shelving and cut filters offer continuous adjustment of slope from near zero to 24 dB/octave. The combination of linear phase and VariSlope affords very smooth, controlled spectral changes without any phase shift or group delay.

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