MtG Released

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MAAT Loops & Fills With MtG

Company announces release of unique automatic editing assistant plug–in

MAAT Incorporated, a manufacturer of exceptional performance professional audio solutions, today announced the release of MtG, a cross–platform plug–in to speed the creation of dialog and effects beds. The new product acts as an editorial assistant, automatically inserting repeated segments or loops of digital audio “room tone” without the traditional time penalty.

Available for both Windows and macOS, MtG addresses the need for seamless, repetitive “looped” audio to act as an aural background for the creation of composite dialog, music or effects tracks. Acting as a 64 bit plug–in, MtG offers engineers a fast way to define a segment of previously recorded audio for replication, or new sound can be recorded right into MtG. Then, that segment can be “topped and tailed” to include only the desired content. Finally, the prepared audio is automatically inserted into a track that has been cleaned of extraneous content, filling any gaps with smoothly repeated instances of the prepared sound.

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