2BC multiCORR Released

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MAAT Makes 360° of Phase Easy

Company announces release of comprehensive new multi-band correlation meter and monitor controller

MAAT Incorporated, a manufacturer of exceptional performance professional audio solutions, today announced the release of 2BC multiCORR, a cross platform plug-in for detailed monitoring of phase relationships for digital audio. The new product continues MAAT’s emphasis on value, also incorporating essential monitor controls into one product.

Available for both Windows and macOS, 2BC multiCORR builds on the solid foundation of MAAT’s 2BusControl, a free metering and monitor controller plug-in. 2BC multiCORR is a multi-view metering package, both plug–in and native app, that provides visual and aural insight into a mix. The carefully chosen center frequencies and trueLinear™ scale enable its thirty one bands of left/right correlation metering to provide a highly informative view that complements listening impressions. In addition, five monitoring modes allow an engineer’s most important asset, their hearing ability, to assist in critical decision making. Left/Right Balance and a single band correlation meter round out the measurement offerings.

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