Musialik Joins MAAT

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Musialik Invests In MAAT

Company announces new CTO to further corporate vision

Dr. Musialik is an active member of the AES, IEEE, and Computer Music Society. He is also the Chair of the AES’ Technical Committee on Signal Processing and was presented with their Fellowship Award for his extraordinary achievements in the development of digital audio algorithms. His special contributions to linear–phase equalizers, dynamics processors, digital realizations of analog circuits and restoration tools have resulted in a class of reference quality audio software used worldwide. He is also author of diverse publications covering audio, music, and signal processing subjects.

For Musialik, the dawn of computing opened a magical door to fascinating and seemingly unlimited power for real–time audio DSP. As a young development engineer and later, in various management positions, he has been active in designing new products, especially new DSP algorithms. “This…gives me an opportunity to keep alive the tradition of legendary audio processing algorithms from Algorithmix. Our mission at MAAT is to create outstanding music production tools that automate and optimize the process of engineering, with not only the best possible audio quality but also a measurable increase in wellbeing in the brain of listeners.”

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